Types of Countertops | Best Countertop Materials for Your Kitchen Counters

There are so many options when choosing your countertops that it's easy to become overwhelmed. Take some of the hassle out of your decision by first considering the design of your kitchen and which sort of material will be most compatible with it. Engineered stone is a great option if you want something low-maintenance, though [...]

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How & Why To Choose Shutters For Your Home?

Window shutters on a home are a great way to inexpensively update and provide value to one's home. Shutters are a mainstay of homes and have a variety of uses. They offer security, protection from elements, decoration, energy improvement, ventilation. There are two broad categories of shutters: interior and exterior. Both can offer pros and [...]

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5 Ways Your New Garage Door Can Boost Your Home’s Value

A garage door is a basic part of many homes, but done correctly, new door can help increase the value of your home. The size of a garage door contributes to the first visual impact. If the style and color of your garage door stands out, it can help attract prospective buyers and add value. [...]

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Home Building Tips

Building a house is a complex and taxing process, and it best partitioned into several steps to simplify planning. There are seven basic steps one takes when building a new home. First, check your financial situation by looking into your credit report. Two, secure a pre-approved mortgage. Three, secure a builder that has performed excellent [...]

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The Ideal House Size And Layout To Raise A Family

When a couple turns into a family there are many adjustments that must be made including your housing situation. Having even one child can change the dynamics of space by 30%. So one must consider the following: The house size. This is important as too much space with result in higher utilities to maintain the [...]

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What is the Right Size for a Home Addition?

There are many factors to consider when adding an addition to a home. There are legal and regulatory processes that must be followed in some areas. The new responsibilities that come with the extra space should be considered. Additional maintenance, upkeep, heating and cooling, and other costs should be factored in. The benefits of the [...]

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Thinking of Building a Dedicated Shop?

A dedicated workshop is a great addition to any crafter or builder's toolkit. There are many features that should be carefully planned to maximize the benefits of shop. The legal considerations should be taken into account first, as some areas have specific regulations and rule regarding shop size, height, and other metrics. The uses for [...]

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House Flooring: The Right Type for the Right Room

There are many different types of flooring to put in your house. Wood flooring is great for living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms. Vinyl and tile is better for rooms that could get wet like bathrooms, kitchens, mudrooms and laundry rooms. Porches are exposed to direct sunlight and extreme temperatures and possible wetness so porcelain [...]

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Modern Farmhouse Is Officially Over—and Here’s What’s Taken Its Place

Recent design trends show that modern farmhouse style is losing popularity in favor of industrial farmhouse. Where modern farmhouse featured plenty of shiny stainless steel and white, industrial farmhouse favors burnished finishes, darker mixed metals, antique brass and walnut. Based on search popularity, black fixtures, concrete sinks and tin tiles are trending. In the kitchen, [...]

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New construction with thoughtful design and incredible views

There is a new construction, which captivates with its beauty and creativity. The home is subtle, and relies on the tradition of an 'arts and crafts' home, with a touch of modern simplicity. Patterns are repeated throughout the home, and motifs can be found as you walk around the property. There is a certain architectural [...]

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