5 Back Porch Ideas & Designs For Small Homes

5 Back Porch Ideas & Designs For Small Homes Porches are an essential when it comes to hosting get togethers in your small home, and designing one that best suits your needs comes with several considerations. First and foremost, focus on which type of lighting you want your porch to embody. If you want to [...]

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Is Building a Garage Addition a Smart Investment? – Home Tips for Women

Is Building a Garage Addition a Smart Investment? - Home Tips for Women After estimating the cost versus the value of adding a garage to your home, brainstorming the size and prospective goals of the completed addition are important factors to consider. If you're looking to store cars in the garage, it is important to [...]

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All Season & Four Season Room Additions

  Sunrooms have been traditionally used during the warmer months due to how their temperatures are naturally regulated by natural sunlight.  Architectural designs now allow you to enjoy your sunroom throughout each season of the year. These four-season sunrooms are insulated in a way that keeps in the warmth, and they are also built with [...]

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3 Tips for Adding a Sunroom with Real Value

  A sunroom is a great addition to any home, but there are a few steps and tips to keep in mind if you want this room to bring the biggest value to your home. Although you may think about the financial aspects of the addition only, the true value of the sunroom is so [...]

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Shed House Smarts: 12 Reasons Why Shed Homes are a Great Idea

  If you are a minimalist or would like to direct your life to such a lifestyle, consider a shed home. The popularity of the shed house has increased tremendously over the past few years and many people are now making the move into a small but comfortable, affordable home that offers them a plethora [...]

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5 Design Tweaks to Modernize Your Home

5 Design Tweaks to Modernize Your Home Home modernization does not have to be an expensive project that sets you back from a financial standpoint. There are many ways to add a modern twist to your home without breaking the bank or using up too much time. Adding something as simple as a new lighting [...]

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Need cost effective space? It’s right under your feet!

  Purchasing both existing homes or brand new homes are a great way to expand your space in order to conform to your growing family's needs, but could there be a cheaper way? Utilizing the space you are already in as a way to enlarge your available space can be a great project to invest [...]

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Sunroom Additions: The Top Reasons to Add a Sunroom to Your Home

Sunroom Additions: The Top Reasons to Add a Sunroom to Your Home As a homeowner you want to ensure that any improvement you have done to your home enhances its value, while adding functionality and perhaps even versatility. A sunroom does all of these things. With a sunroom you get extra square footage at a [...]

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Top Reasons To Build A Deck Onto Your Home – LivBuildingProducts

  A deck is one of the best home improvement projects you can undertake, boosting both the value of your home and your enjoyment of it while you still live here. A deck can bring up to 70 percent return on investment and make your home stand out to potential buyers. It is also a [...]

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Top Sunroom Design Tips for Summer 2018

  The natural sunlight that embellishes your sunroom during the day is a great environment for incorporating several chic design ideas. Adding some plants and flowers to the room is not only great for the surroundings, but the setting is perfect for the plants to thrive and lead fulfilled lifespans due to the large amounts [...]

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