9 Best Flooring Options for Your Home & How to Choose on a Budget

When choosing what type of flooring to install in your new construction home, there are many different materials that you can choose from. Many people tend to go with a hardwood floor as it's very stylish and lasts extremely long. The issue with wooden floors is they can be destroyed by moisture so they're not [...]

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6 Steps to Buying a New Construction Home

You will have roughly a similar experience with buying a new home that you will with an older home, in the sense that you will want to do your research, find a reputable builder and get your finances in order. There are some differences though, you will probably have to sell your current home in [...]

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4 Reasons A Healthy Roof is Important

A roof is often overlooked, but an essential piece of one's home. It serves as the primary means to protection from the elements and so secures the home's value. It is therefore an integral piece of the home's value on the market. In case of emergencies like fallen trees and inclement weather, the roof is [...]

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Consider These 50 Things for Your Electrical and Lighting Plan

Having a good lighting and electrical plan is critical for building a home. Normally, you do a walk-through of the building after the framework is up to figure out your lighting and electrical plan. However, thinking about your plan even before the walkthrough can help you really iron out the details and make sure it [...]

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Best Time to Add a Sunroom

There is definitely a more beneficial time to add a sunroom to your home. A lot of this depends on factors outside of your control.  You'll have to make sure that the weather conditions will be predictable as to not delay the construction of the room. Also, make sure that you set out enough time [...]

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Hardwood v. Engineered Wood Flooring — Pros & Cons

Hardwood floors are made from real stock of hickory, maple, cheery, and ash. Engineered wood flooring is a composite of real and artificial products. Traditional hardwood floors are timeless and durable. They come in a wide range of colors. This comes at a cost of material and installation. Engineered wood floors have been growing in [...]

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13 things homeowners wish they had known about working with a contractor

Once you have decided what you want to change within your home you will probably begin to set aside a budget as well as look for a contractor to work with. Choosing the right contractor is very important, you want someone who will do a good job, instead of someone who might be careless with [...]

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Tips for Getting the Most ROI When Adding a Sunroom

The weather doesn't always follow how you are feeling and it doesn't always cooperate with what sort of day you wish to have. Sometimes it will be a beautiful sunny day but the chill in the air will be so great you want to scamper back inside. A sun room is like a big porch [...]

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Exterior Siding Options For Your Home

In order to get the most value for one's home one should seriously consider the siding facing the street. The siding is instrumental for what realtor's call curb appeal. There are many types of siding that provide advantages and disadvantages in terms of cost, maintenance, durability, appeal, and energy efficiency. One should consider these terms [...]

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The Front Door of your House is Important

The front door is very important because it is the first thing visitor's really see. It can be used to display your style. You can add a glass vision panel to make the door seem more bright and airy. Some people want a glass panel in their door and some do not like glass panels [...]

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