Creating a Pet Friendly Space in Your Home with a Screen Room

A screen room is a great option for people looking to create an opportunity for their pets to be outdoors without experiencing all the negative aspects of the outdoors. This space would allow cats to be outside and experience floor to ceiling views without fear that your pet may escape or be harmed from outside [...]

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Understanding the Process of Custom Homebuilding

Starting the process of building a custom home can seem like a daunting project, but the results will be much more rewarding than finding any house that is already on the market. The first step is to analyze which property you'd like to build on, and after purchasing the initial property, developing an architectural plan [...]

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10 Common Features of a “Perfect” House

A perfect house is something that is unique to each and every single person. If everyone had the same idea of what the perfect house was, then the world would be a pretty boring place. Some people are better than others when it comes to accepting other people's opinions but some people are stuck in [...]

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Is an Open Floor Plan Right For You? | By Carrier Inc.

Some people like the idea of an open floor plan. Having an open floor leaves room for a lot of different activities out there. You can do so much with an open floor within a home and many people do it because they do not feel as if they are making the most out of [...]

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Should You Renovate or Build a New Home? | By Carrier Inc.

Some people are very in favor of wanting to buy a new home when they get bored of their own, current home. It is something that splits many people as there are some that can never imagine leaving their home. They feel as if the memories that they have made in that home is more [...]

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10 Ideas for Detached Garage Designs

A detached garage is something that some people feel that they need while others find it to be completely unnecessary. Depending on who you are and what your property is like, you can make a decision on the garage. However, if you are to decide that you want one, you should make the garage a [...]

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Choosing Between a Sunroom or Enclosed Porch

A sun room is something that a lot of people want in their homes. It allows for more natural light in the home and gives that room a different feel than the other rooms. It is good for people who do not like to go outside too much but still need their sun. On the [...]

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Sunrooms as an Alternative to Full Room Additions

There are many people out there that own their own homes and this is an exciting time for them. Their home is their pride and joy. Many individuals who are looking to add a little bit of living space to their homes have some decisions to make. Some people do not think that a full [...]

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Choosing A Garage Size | Garage Measurements

If you own your own house, you may be looking to have a garage on the premises. Some people like having their own garage while some people feel it is unnecessary. It really depends on what you are trying to do with that garage. If you are looking to have storage within it, then go [...]

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Sunroom vs. Room Addition

  If you are looking for a potential addition to your home, for any reason, you should really consider having a sunroom! A sunroom is awesome for any particular house. It is something that can add a lot more light to your home and make for a really fun space to relax in with your [...]

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