How to plan a kitchen – your step-by-step guide to the perfect space

A kitchen remodel can be exciting and fun. Before beginning your remodel, determine exactly what you want, and if your current space will work. Consider the electricity, plumbing, and heating aspects, and gather information about contractors. If you need inspiration, search the web, find something you like, and plan a theme. If you need even [...]

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How to Choose a Garage Door

If you haven't shopped for a garage door in a while, you may be surprised at the options you have. The right garage door offers excellent curb appeal. First impressions of your home will be greatly affected by the look of your garage door. If you have an attached garage, then an insulated door will [...]

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How to Choose a Floor Plan: 8 Questions to Ask Before You Pick

Homeowners choose to build their own homes because doing so is highly customizable and helps homeowners build their dream home. When choosing a floor plan, it is important to consider a few things before putting your plans to action. The first element to consider is what the current home is missing, and what it will [...]

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Choosing the Right Architecture Style For Your Next Home

There are several common architectural styles available when you’re building a new home. Victorian homes, with their elaborate designs and craftsmanship, are usually associated with older cities. Log cabin-style homes work best in more remote locations. The subdued but charming Cape Code style of architecture is more typically associated with East Coast states, while Craftsman [...]

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A Guide to Paint Color in Your New Home

Adding paint color to your house is a way to create a mood for you, your family, and your guests. For example, using orange and warm tones in a kitchen can set the mood for meals and family time, as orange is a cozy color. When painting, it's best to take an outside view of [...]

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Brick vs. Vinyl Siding Pros & Cons

Siding is an essential part of a house. One choice to make is the type of siding you want for your house. Two options are Brick siding or vinyl siding. Brick siding usually lasts much longer than vinyl siding. While vinyl siding usually is cheaper than brick siding, it does not last as long and [...]

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5 Ideas for Adding On

Added features to older houses don't always look tacky. Looking over your property's architecture and materials used can make the difference in whether the building can grow in a way that is fitting. Paying attention to the proportions or the original property can help you prevent upsetting the historical character of it and making the [...]

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Hardwood flooring vs Tile Planks that look like hardwood. Pros and Cons. | The Flooring Girl

For your flooring, both genuine hardwood and porcelain tiles that look like wood have their positives and negatives. Real hardwood is warmer, more valuable, and has higher endurance. However, it does scratch over time, and doesn't put up with water very well. On the flipside, porcelain tiling is immune to scratches and water, but is [...]

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5 Reasons Why Home Buyers Choose New Construction – Home Tips for Women

When it comes to picking out a home to live in, polls have determined that twice as many buyers would opt to live in a brand new home over purchasing a space that is already built. Though building a new home from scratch is undoubtedly a pricier option on its face, new spaces come with [...]

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How to Evaluate Your House for a Garage Addition

As a homeowner, you have the ability to create the space of your dreams if it isn’t currently a part of your property. One of the go to upgrades for a home is the addition of a garage space and in their new blog post, House Logic takes you through the process of evaluating your [...]

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