Window shutters on a home are a great way to inexpensively update and provide value to one’s home. Shutters are a mainstay of homes and have a variety of uses. They offer security, protection from elements, decoration, energy improvement, ventilation. There are two broad categories of shutters: interior and exterior. Both can offer pros and cons to one’s home so one should consider there specific requirements when choosing. Exterior shutters include louvered and hurricane, while interior include plantation, cafe, and solid shutters. When deciding on which shutters to buy for one’s home, one should consider their maintenance abilities, energy requirements, budget, material of shutters, and coordination with existing decorations.

Key Takeaways:

  • Window shutters can serve as both decorative while also protecting the windows from damage due to weather.
  • Don’t opt for the least expensive shutters when they might not last very long.
  • Shutters not only are a great way to improve the appeal of your house but also has many functional benefits such as adding security and privacy.

“Perhaps, the greatest advantage of using a window shutter for the exterior or interior of your house is, it increases the curb’s looks.”

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