Building a house is a complex and taxing process, and it best partitioned into several steps to simplify planning. There are seven basic steps one takes when building a new home. First, check your financial situation by looking into your credit report. Two, secure a pre-approved mortgage. Three, secure a builder that has performed excellent work in the past. Four, purchase a lot on which to build. Determine is civil engineering is needed. Five, Work with builder, architect on designing a floor plan that suits program and budget. Six arrange contracts with all stakeholders. Seven, secure a building permit.

Key Takeaways:

  • There’s a checklist of important activities that should be completed before beginning construction on a new home.
  • Ensuring you have appropriate financing and construction options is the foundation of your strategy.
  • Sometime it may be easier to delegate the entire home-building process to a third-party management.

“A full turn-key project is a very seamless way to have your home construction completed. With one firm that handles all your needs it eliminates loose ends, hidden fees, and reduces your stress.”

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