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How to add value to a house: 20 ways to boost your home’s value – Real Homes

In an economy that focuses on getting the maximum number of items for the lowest amount of money, it should be no surprise that real estate has cashed in on simple ways to improve your home without spending a lot of that precious money. Real Homes comes to us today to suggest 20 different ways [...]

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Best Remodeled Basement enough for 80 guests –

Basements are a highly underrated location in the house. Most individuals don’t have the time, energy nor resources to transform their room under the ground into a luxurious living space. In a new write up by John Byrd, he profiles one remodel that transformed a 5,100 square feet unfinished basement, with before pictures, into an [...]

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5 Safety Features to Include In Your New Home Build

Safety in our homes is obviously a large concern for most individuals, whether it be for structural purposes or family purposes, but this thought processes usually isn’t at the forefront of our minds when building a brand-new home. NuVista has compiled a list of 5 different topics they think you should be focusing on at [...]

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10 Mistakes to Avoid When Building a New Home |

If you’re one of those lucky people who has the ability and means to obtain a plot of land and build that dream house, Freshome has a few tips and tricks to avoid making major mistakes when it comes to building your new home. Make sure you choose a top of the line HVAC system; [...]

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10 Effective Ways To Choose The Right Floor Plan For Your Home |

Choosing a home can be one of the most exciting times in the life of people. It involves choosing what city and street one wants to live on and the neighbors one wants to spend time with, along with where one wants to raise his family. A home also reflects the lifestyle of the one [...]

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What Is Cheaper — Adding a Second Story Addition or a Ground Floor Addition?

When one loves the property he is in and needs more space in a one-story building, he can have two choices: either to add a second story or to add an addition to the ground floor. No matter what consideration is chosen, space is a possible factor in helping one make the choice. No sure [...]

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Detached Vs. Attached Garages: Which Is Right For You?

Garages are considered to be an extra amenity for many homeowners and recently, the trend to bring them back has bloomed. Garages can be used for extra storage, to park ones vehicle out of the elements, or even as a workspace. Deciding what type of garage, attached or unattached, is a matter of preference, area [...]

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Should You Add A Sunroom To Your House? Pros, Cons & Other Things To Consider

When adding a sunroom, one must consider the function of that room addition. Usually, sunrooms are meant to segway from the outdoor nature to the interior of the home, as a way for one to enjoy the outdoors with the  comforts of heating and air. One of the biggest advantages is the pest free environment [...]

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Top 10 Trends for New Home Construction and Renovations and Beyond

With the new year in place, there are new trends that are emerging, especially trends that have to do with home improvement. The top trend in regards to home construction and renovations include copper gutters, which are regarded as bold and classy. Other trends include means to save energy and smaller homes. On an aesthetic [...]

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Build a Garage with a Living Area

Have you always wanted that special space in the garage that allows for sleeping and or living capabilities as well? We have compiled an incredibly basic pros and cons list to help you decide on if this choice will be practical and beneficial for your space. It would of course increase the value of your [...]

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