Recent design trends show that modern farmhouse style is losing popularity in favor of industrial farmhouse. Where modern farmhouse featured plenty of shiny stainless steel and white, industrial farmhouse favors burnished finishes, darker mixed metals, antique brass and walnut. Based on search popularity, black fixtures, concrete sinks and tin tiles are trending. In the kitchen, wood and industrial metal countertops are in, while granite and marble are out. The shift toward industrial farmhouse style can be attributed to a cultural interest in urban areas and the redevelopment of old buildings.

Key Takeaways:

  • Industrial farmhouse décor includes rustic tables, vintage rugs and open shelving.
  • An industrial farmhouse bathroom tends toward matte fixtures rather than shiny ones.
  • In the industrial farmhouse kitchen, wood and industrial metal counters are in and granite and marble are out.

“The industrial farmhouse trend is likely due to our cultural shift back to cities where there’s a focus on redeveloping old buildings.”

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