There are many factors to consider when adding an addition to a home. There are legal and regulatory processes that must be followed in some areas. The new responsibilities that come with the extra space should be considered. Additional maintenance, upkeep, heating and cooling, and other costs should be factored in. The benefits of the extra space needs carefully considered, and the correct size should be planned meticulously. Only once an appropriate and beneficial size is determined, should construction begin.

Key Takeaways:

  • The blueprint of your addition is required to ensure the new plans structurally work with the existing layout
  • Compile a code checklist to make sure you consult all required stakeholders that may need to approve your building plans
  • Take time to consider how much money will be spent after the build is complete as ongoing expenses

“The size of the addition, materials used, the work that needs to be done to connect to utilities, following codes, etc. will have a big impact on the price, so this is a number homeowners need to discuss with their design-build firm after some research and discussion.”

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