When choosing what type of flooring to install in your new construction home, there are many different materials that you can choose from. Many people tend to go with a hardwood floor as it’s very stylish and lasts extremely long. The issue with wooden floors is they can be destroyed by moisture so they’re not great for bathrooms or kitchens. Ceramic tiles are becoming very popular but they can get very cold in the winter and they also make your footsteps sound louder. Finally, linoleum is extremely durable but it can be dented and can turn yellow if it’s open to too much sunlight.

Key Takeaways:

  • Wood flooring looks great and lasts very long but they tend to not work in laundry rooms or bathrooms because of moisture.
  • Ceramic tiles looks great and come in many different shapes but they can get very cold and they’re also loud when walked upon.
  • Linoleum is a very durable floor but can be dented via sharp objects such as high heels and doesn’t hold up well when exposed to sunlight.

“These days, there are lots of different flooring options, including several that are very affordable.”

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