When adding a sunroom, one must consider the function of that room addition. Usually, sunrooms are meant to segway from the outdoor nature to the interior of the home, as a way for one to enjoy the outdoors with the  comforts of heating and air. One of the biggest advantages is the pest free environment the sunroom offers, though the reason to add one varies as widely as the people that will be using them. An important difference to know is the differences between a 3 season sunroom and a four season one. The biggest difference is the insulation factor against winter elements that may cost a bit more in the construction costs .

Key Takeaways:

    • A sunroom provides both comfort and peace of mind. It is a room where one can enjoy the sunlight and nature without being disturbed by the breeze outside.
    • Many persons hear of the terms “three season sunrooms” and “four season sunrooms” and begin to wonder if they should invest in a sunroom in their house.
    • You should not take the building of a sunroom as a DIY project, rather make sure that you allow professionals to be involved in the process.

“Making an informed decision before investing in a sunroom addition took prudent due diligence but was well worth the time.”

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