Garages are considered to be an extra amenity for many homeowners and recently, the trend to bring them back has bloomed. Garages can be used for extra storage, to park ones vehicle out of the elements, or even as a workspace. Deciding what type of garage, attached or unattached, is a matter of preference, area available, and how the value of each type will effect the value of the home. An attached garage takes advantage of sharing pre-existing structural features, such as walls, electricity and heating and cooling. This can save some money on the construction aspect of an attached garage. Detached garages, however, usually allow room to expand the structure if needs change.

Key Takeaways:

    • Garages have become a sort of a luxury for many whether they are detached or attached and many home owners are divided about which is best for them.
    • The costs of detached and attached garage will depend on the size of the garage and on the material that one chooses to use.
    • Convenience is one of the key advantages of attached garages because one doesn’t have to leave the comfort of the home to get to the car.

“Detached and attached garages have numerous benefits. While each essentially serve the same purpose, depending on your lot size, intentions and budget, one option always prevails.”

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