With the new year in place, there are new trends that are emerging, especially trends that have to do with home improvement. The top trend in regards to home construction and renovations include copper gutters, which are regarded as bold and classy. Other trends include means to save energy and smaller homes. On an aesthetic level, homemakers are constantly looking to up the looks of their homes. These trends include a walk-in shower, wainscoting, textured interiors, white cabinets, and open concept homes. In addition, homeowners are now starting to incorporate nature into their homes, as well as heavily automating all of their appliances. To sum, these trends are constantly changing, but it is important to design according to your own specifications.

Key Takeaways:

  • One trend is having copper gutters built. Many homeowners find them classy and they love the style, durability and uniqueness of copper.
  • Energy efficiency is a trend of last year and it extends to this year also as everyone loves saving a few dollars now and then.
  • Some of the green living features that home owners installing in their homes are E-windows because it fits their purpose and is sustainable.

“While the open concept has really taken hold in the kitchen, some are finding that because there is no confinement to the aromas coming from the oven and stovetop, it’s a nuisance.”

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