Located in NC, our garage contractors will provide high quality garage design and construction at an affordable price.

A well-designed garage or carport in NC will add value to your home in a number of ways. Not only will it provide a safe and secure shelter for your vehicles, it may offer much needed storage space as well.

Some of the different types of garages we offer include:

Gable roof garage design — the standard garage roof style. The triangular gable faces the road and is built to match the gables on the house.
Reverse gable roof garage design — one of the most common garage roof styles. The angle of the roofline slopes to the front and back of the garage. The gable ends face the sides.
Hip roof garage design — built for extra storage capacity and extra strength in windstorms. Several types are available.
I-joist — ideal for the homeowner with extra garage storage needs. The strength of the I-joist wood beams in the floor allows the structure to support the weight of additional storage space above.
Balloon construction — another option for extra garage storage space and strength. The capacity on the upper level is supported by continuous wall studs that run the entire height of the structure.
Whether you need a basic one-car garage, a garage for three or more cars with storage and accessories, or something in between, Douglas Construction will design and build a fully functional garage that will match your house color and style.

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