When one loves the property he is in and needs more space in a one-story building, he can have two choices: either to add a second story or to add an addition to the ground floor. No matter what consideration is chosen, space is a possible factor in helping one make the choice. No sure way exists to use in understanding which choice is the better because the choice depends on the situation of the property. Having a second story can be cheaper and making out an addition can be cheaper. It all depends on the situation. Some factors to consider are the space one needs. If one has a family and needs more space for bathrooms and bedroom, a second story might be better. Also, if one needs a better kitchen. If it is a play area or recreation room that is needed, it might be better having an extra addition to the building. Also, one needs to consider the zoning laws in his municipality. It may prove best to discuss your plans with your neighbors and see what they would recommend. For other considerations in making the choice, the blog needs to be read.

Key Takeaways:

  • When one is in a one-story home and needs more space, the options left to him is to build another story and just add space in the ground floor.
  • Making the decision on which is more important depends on several factors and for some, the second story is less expensive while for others it is the addition.
  • When there is a family and with too few bedrooms or baths, both options are convenient but if one needs a recreational space, adding an addition is more possible.

“While cost is always a consideration when making a decision, the nature of your space needs will also dictate the best way to move forward.”

Read more: https://budgeting.thenest.com/cheaper-adding-second-story-addition-ground-floor-addition-22059.html