Adding a room onto the home is a great project, but if it is one that is in your future, determining a starting point is itself a challenge. How do you know where to start to add a room onto the house? First, determine a budget. Next, compare costs of the supplies and items that you’ll need. That is the best place to start to begin a home addition project at your home, but there is more to learn.

Key Takeaways:

  • Someone should consider a home addition if they live in a neighborhood they like, or dread the thought of moving but need more space at the home.
  • The first step in making a home addition is to create a list of what you need and want in your addition without worrying about the expenses.
  • Another need is to identify how the rooms are being used in order to better evaluate where and why additions are needed.

“To start the process of creating an addition, gather information on products, styles, costs, and etc. to help you make an informed decision. While completing the research, take notes and make a list of questions you have. Detailed notes and questions will be helpful later in the process when meeting with builders and/or designers.”

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