Adding a garage onto the home is a beneficial home improvement project that many homeowners want. With a garage, home space is increased, as is the value of the home as well as the appeal and curb appeal. But, before jumping into the project it is essential that you evaluate the home to ensure that a garage addition is possible and to gather other important details critical to making this addition a complete success. Here’s what to do to evaluate your home for a garage addition.

Key Takeaways:

  • Sometimes we think a garage addition is appropriate, but the first step before going ahead with the project is to estimate if it is feasible on the lot.
  • You could take a walk to your local planning department and ask them about how permissible and close you can build to the edge of your property.
  • Another decision is whether the garage should be attached to the house or built freestanding although attached garages usually cost less.

“When planning to add a garage you’ll need to consider size, siting, access, and how the garage addition relates to the architecture of the house.”

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