New Kohler store sells shower that mimics rain, toilet that plays music

Interested in some new fixtures for your home? How about some unique plumbing products? If so, and if you're in the Birmingham area, you're in luck, as leading manufacturer Kohler has recently opened a brand new showroom in the area. This showroom, open to the public, showcases all of the company's newest innovations. These include high-tech toilets with musical soundtracks, as well as special showerheads that simulate rainfall. Whatever your fixture needs, you're sure to find it there!

Key Takeaways:

  • Kohler recently new store in Birmingham, Alabama is selling some futuristic bath products, including toilets that play music and showers that mimic rain.
  • Kohler Signature Stores are popping up in Kansas, Minnesota, Michigan, and Wisconsin, which means there will be plenty of products on the shelves that don't have to be pre-ordered.
  • With the remodeling market continuing to boom this year, Kohler is betting on consumer demand to help make their stores successful.

“The leading Midwest distributor of Kohler kitchen and bath products opened a store this month in Birmingham.”

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