3 Kitchen and Bath Trends for 2018

If you want a bathroom and kitchen that leaves you impressed every time you walk inside, you most certainly want to adhere to these amazing 2018 trends. More homes have these qualities than not and they're definitely making impressions all the way around the board. There are many trends to follow but these three are among the most important of them all. With these trends, you can rest assured that you have a beautiful, trendsetting home.

Key Takeaways:

  • According to the National Association of the Remodeling Industry, adding color to your home is a great way to amp up the overall design and style.
  • Combining grays, whites, and other neutral tones is a great way to transform a blah room into a warm and inviting space.
  • Incorporating tiles of different shapes and textures is another way to bring new life to a space.

“When it’s time for a home remodel, specifically of a bathroom or kitchen, many homeowners turn to trendy looks as inspiration. Color, texture and material variance, like using different types of tile, lead the way in this year’s kitchen and bath trends.”

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