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Convert an existing deck into a sunroom

Convert an existing deck into a sunroom If you've thought, like many people have, that you want to use your deck all year round, you can. By converting your deck into a sunroom, you can spend time there whenever you'd like. You have to make sure the deck is strong enough, which most aren't. Most [...]

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Hail Damage And Your Homeowners Insurance

  It is estimated that hail damage in the United States is about $1 billion annually. That is because hailstones cause lots of damages to property. They fall with so much force, even if they last few minutes, that homeowners have to file claims for insurance due to damages to their property. These hailstones can [...]

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Small Additions That Make A Big Impact On Your Home

Small Additions That Make A Big Impact On Your Home When we think of adding additions to our home, we tend to envision big home projects that take months upon months to complete. Not to mention how costly these projects typically are. Micro-additions are now becoming more and more on tend due to their "bump [...]

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Roof Restoration Renews Your Roof at a Reasonable Price

  If you're looking to sell your house, or you're just looking to upgrade your home's roofing system, restoration may be a much better option than replacement. Replacing a roof entails removing and reinstalling an entirely new roofing system, while restoration just includes focusing on smaller areas. When contractors restore a roof, they only need [...]

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Addition Planning: Bumping Out

Addition Planning: Bumping Out Planning to install an addition into your home has typically consisted of planning a large project in order to greatly expand your living space. Now, there is a new way to add a smaller addition onto your home if you have limited space. This technique is referred to as, "bumping out". [...]

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7 Benefits Of A Home Addition

7 Benefits Of A Home Addition When it comes to adding an addition to your home, the benefits are not just how much better your home's interior and exterior will look. Your extra space will also allow you to make room for new family members, or even give you the opportunity to make some supplemental [...]

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8 Home Addition Questions to Ask

8 Home Addition Questions to Ask When considering adding a new addition to your home, it is important to make sure that it's design is congruent with both your own home's existing architecture, and the surrounding neighborhood homes. By hiring a home appraiser or or an expert realtor in your area, you can use their [...]

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Sunroom Additions vs. Conventional Stick-Built Additions

Sunroom Additions vs. Conventional Stick-Built Additions Hiring a contractor to build an addition onto your home from scratch can be quite a costly endeavor. Due to this factor, many homeowners are becoming more and more motivated to look into sunroom additions instead. Sunrooms may not have their own private bedrooms, hallways, or bathrooms, but they [...]

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How to make a statement with tiles in your home

How to make a statement with tiles in your home The year of 2018 is no different in the fact that homeowners are still falling in love with tile designs that complement their home's interior. One of the biggest choices on the scene right now are marble tiles due to their extravagant yet accommodating nature. [...]

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5 value-boosting home projects

5 value-boosting home projects No homeowner is against accumulating higher levels of equity in their home in order to increase resale value. There are many projects that you can take on in order to boost the value of your home while creating a better home for you and your family at the same time. A [...]

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