How to make a statement with tiles in your home

The year of 2018 is no different in the fact that homeowners are still falling in love with tile designs that complement their home’s interior. One of the biggest choices on the scene right now are marble tiles due to their extravagant yet accommodating nature. Marble tile was typically only seen in places like luxury hotels, but now people are finding ways to utilize this form of tile in their home bathrooms in different varieties such as mosaics.

Key Takeaways:

  • Patterns with nice finishes such as monochrome are great additions to spice up your older flooring.
  • When it comes to modern tiling, people are finding it more and more acceptable in 2018 bathrooms.
  • If you use porcelain tiles in a retro style, it can give your floor a textured illusion.

“Installing tiles in your home can be a big investment – kitchen and bathroom renovations are often two of the most expensive design projects you can undertake.”

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