Small Additions That Make A Big Impact On Your Home

When we think of adding additions to our home, we tend to envision big home projects that take months upon months to complete. Not to mention how costly these projects typically are. Micro-additions are now becoming more and more on tend due to their “bump out” method being much more affordable and convenient. With micro-additions there isn’t any need to install things such as HVAC and or lay a new foundation, so it ends up taking much less time and money.

Key Takeaways:

  • A bump out is the colloquialism that refers to a very small addition to a home.
  • A bump out is more affordable than a standard addition and adds usable living space and value to the home.
  • Normally a bump out simply augments what is there already rather than constructing from scratch, saving the homeowner time and money.

“There are a few less costly and invasive options that could give you the space you’ve been dreaming about for so long.”

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