Spring is often a time for cleaning, but some take it a step farther and do deep cleaning. This includes cleaning flooring that may have spots or stains from wear and tear throughout the year. One of the best things to clean tile grout is baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. Spread it in the grout and let it sit for thirty minutes then wipe it away. It is also important to only clean your tile with cleaners that are safe for that tile. Grease cleaners can also help remove subtle discolorations that may mark your flooring. And lastly, you can call a professional if your flooring is still not what you hoped it could be.

Key Takeaways:

  • Since spring is in the air, everyone will open their doors and windows and start doing some cleaning which the author finds satisfying.
  • The author wanted to undertake some deep cleaning tasks this year and that made her to think about cleaning the carpets.
  • One action that would help the hard floors to be preserved and maintain their shiny look is to vacuum or dust them regularly.

“Maintaining your hard floors with the following tips will make them easier to clean, and keep them looking newer, longer too!”

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