If you are thinking of updating your roof, chances are you have thought about what material you should use. While a roofing company will give you many options and probably point you in the direction of what they think is best, it may be helpful to have some background so you can choose the material that will work best for your and your home based on your needs. There are many roof features that help determine what material would be best. Things like the slope and drainage of the roof can narrow down the possible options. You must take into account what type of weather your roof will need to withstand and what type of vegetation could affect it. That being said, there are still many options. Anything from wood to asphalt to metal can be used to cover a roof these days. If you are unsure of what material to go with, make sure you get a contractor that you trust to help you make that decision.

Key Takeaways:

  • The information that is provided by the author is with the hope that it will make its readers more knowledgeable consumers.
  • Having a new roofing system is quite some investment and should not be joked with that is why the author wants to help others.
  • A roofing system with a steep slope on it has five components that are basic and these are the roof covering, sheathing, structure, flashing, and drainage.

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