The Plan Collection took it upon themselves to interview architects, realtors, contractors, and more to determine the number one trends in real estate design in 2019. The experts claim that one of the biggest changes they’ve been seeing in homes this year is the drastic change in hue that many homeowners choose for their home’s exterior. Instead of bright or neutral colors, more and more millennials are opting for darker colors such as partial charcoal or black.

Key Takeaways:

  • While man caves are have been around for a while, detached “she sheds” are coming into vogue, with ordinary sheds becoming home offices and retreats.
  • Millennials are less fond of white houses than last generations, with more use of charcoal or even black in home exteriors.
  • Tiny houses, for all the media coverage they’ve received, seem to be more of a niche or fad than an enduring trend, since they are poorly suited to raising kids.

“As millenials move out to the suburbs or even the country, they’ve also decided it is time to “mix it up” a bit.”

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