Ray Hughey has been working with flooring and tile for a decade, and he knows a thing or two about how hardwood flooring compares to tile. Tile is much harder and more durable than hardwood, but only if it has enough mortar coverage (90 percent is enough) and was laid down properly. Both tile and hardwood are vulnerable to standing water, albeit in different ways. As for maintenance, tile is cheaper, since all you really need to do is reseal the grout, as opposed to the need to refinish hardwood.

Key Takeaways:

  • The decision to choose between whether to go for tile or hardwood when making a remodel at home is a hard decision but one that must be taken.
  • The author has been ten years in the business of installing floors and tile in homes, and has seen it all.
  • Tile will withstand much more tear and scratches than hardwood because it is a much harder surface than hardwood. But it has to be set right.

“Hardwood scratches much easier, is more susceptible to weather conditions, and is easily discolored by prolonged sun exposure.”

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