When having a home built a very important part is the foundation. There are two types of foundations with their own pros and cons. The crawlspace foundation and the slab foundation. The slab foundation isn’t recommended for areas that are prone to flooding. It’s also cheaper to put in this type of foundation but it’s more expensive to repair. The crawlspace foundation is more beneficial for homes that are being built on a slope or are prone to flooding. The builder will need to know what type of foundation you feel is best for your home before the process begins.

Key Takeaways:

  • Slab foundations are cheaper and faster, and provide more protection against mold, moisture and pests.
  • Crawlspace foundations are better for environments where earthquakes or flooding are major concerns.
  • Crawl spaces can be used for storage and to facilitate maintenance, but can be harder and costlier to build, and are less accessible to people with disabilities.

“In a home with a slab, the heating and air conditioning ductwork and some plumbing will be run through the attic instead of the flooring to provide access when the home construction is complete.”

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