Should You Convert Your Garage Into a Room?

If space is tight in your home, it might be worth considering whether to convert your garage into a livable space. Potential to rent out this converted room – think AirBNB – might also be worth considering. First, make sure there are no zoning or legal issues with this action. Remember that garages must fit with any living standards of a house, regulation-wise, and may cause a loss of storage without increasing the value of your home. But there are many reasons why you can convert — and it may not be so hard, either.

Key Takeaways:

  • Converting your garage into a living space can be an excellent way to expand your home.
  • Potential problems with zoning and other regulations emerge when doing this conversion, so be sure to double-check this.
  • If you do decide to do this conversion, note that it could be used as a way to rent out a room.

“With nothing in your way like load-bearing walls, and with the box seemingly already in place, it feels like a no-brainer. Is a garage conversion your quick ticket to more living space?”

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