Planning a home expansion can seem daunting at the outset, but breaking it down into stages can make it more manageable. The first step, of course, is to develop a firm idea of what your goals for the project are; however, it is also important to let your imagination run wild a little bit, as this can provide both inspiration and motivation. Decide where to splurge on premium features, and how to save. Finally, it will be time to take stock of your resources for the project, the limitations and benefits of the project site, and any needed regulatory hurdles. Once you get started, it’s important to pick the right people and put everything in black and white to prevent costs from running out of control. As you and your people flesh out your design, visualize the space you want to create, but don’t forget to run the numbers one last time to make sure they are still viable.

Key Takeaways:

  • Sit down and right a list of the specific goals that you want to tackle and successfully achieve.
  • There may be a way that you can adhere to a strict budget in certain places in order to splurge on extra features.
  • Find out approximately how much the project will cost in order to determine if you will need to acquire a loan.

“We’ve broken down the planning process into five basic steps to guide you, from compiling ideas to determining a budget.”

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