Is Building a Garage Addition a Smart Investment? – Home Tips for Women

After estimating the cost versus the value of adding a garage to your home, brainstorming the size and prospective goals of the completed addition are important factors to consider. If you’re looking to store cars in the garage, it is important to find out the space you need depending on your current and future vehicles. Free-standing garages are much cheaper to build than garages attached to your home, so investing in a free-standing option could be more cost-effective for your family.

Key Takeaways:

  • Free-standing garages are often much cheaper than varieties that are built onto your home.
  • If you are looking to store vehicles in the garage space, it is important to determine exactly how much space you need.
  • Keep your end goal in mind while designing the garage so that you always have a firm idea of what the end-result should look like.

“A garage addition might be cheaper than other home additions but the question is whether the value justifies the cost for space that will only be used to store cars and/or stuff.”

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