Some people like the idea of an open floor plan. Having an open floor leaves room for a lot of different activities out there. You can do so much with an open floor within a home and many people do it because they do not feel as if they are making the most out of their space as it is. With this plan, you can have it so that a few rooms are combined into one. This can allow for a lot of collaboration and conversation.

Key Takeaways:

  • In open floor plans, many rooms are joined together in one space without adjoining walls. This plan though has advantages and disadvantages.
  • An open floor plan allows for increased social connections in the home. The parents can still have an eye on the kids while in the kitchen.
  • The open floor plan makes for increased access to natural sunlight through the windows. There are also savings in power as lesser bulbs are needed.

“For families, the ability to see what’s happening in the next space over can be invaluable, yet open floor plans are not the right choice for everyone.”

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