Your home’s foundation anchors the structure to the ground and holds the weight of the house. While a foundation can be constructed from many different materials, reinforced concrete is what is used for most houses today. Many homes across the country have foundations but in the Northeast, in particular, they are a must-have. And having a finished basement is becoming very popular for home gyms, offices, and additional living space. Crawl spaces are used to prevent moisture and are mostly found in the Midwest and Southeast. Soil conditions can sometimes cause problems when installing a home’s foundation. Occasionally, it’s necessary to bring an engineer in to evaluate the problem.

Key Takeaways:

  • Although there is not a set standard, most new homes use reinforced concrete for the home’s foundation.
  • Historically, however house foundations have been made from an array of materials, including stone, brick and even wood.
  • With a crawl space Foundation, footings are made below the frost line, leaving just enough space for a crouched individual to crawl in.

“Basement finishing is a growing trend: Homeowners are turning these spaces into recreational rooms, gyms and entertainment centers.”

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