Safety in our homes is obviously a large concern for most individuals, whether it be for structural purposes or family purposes, but this thought processes usually isn’t at the forefront of our minds when building a brand-new home. NuVista has compiled a list of 5 different topics they think you should be focusing on at such a critical phase. From automatic inside and outside lighting to alarms and even cameras for every area of your house, you’ll be able to rest easy knowing you have all of your bases covered.

Key Takeaways:

  • Motion sensor lighting is cost effective, energy efficient, and can help discourage unwanted visitors to your home.
  • Today’s highly customizable home security systems come with a variety of options and have features that are easy to monitor and control from anywhere.
  • Modern smart locks give you the ability to control access from a remote location and you can give a digital key to selected individuals

“Features such as nest cams, smart locks, automated lighting, smart appliances, motion sensor lights, and security systems are commonly found in new homes.”

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