The kitchen is a huge selling point in a home, yet kitchen designs seem to come and go. In 2020, some of the most popular kitchen trends stray away from traditional designs, and move towards a splash of color, like brightly painted cabinets or colorful tiles. Other trends seem to include double islands, pure steel ventilation hoods, open shelving, warm finishes, and even hidden cabinetry. Although, the classic kitchen style is gaining popularity, and may be making a comeback.

Key Takeaways:

  • Popular kitchen design has change over the years, including overall styles, color schemes, and common appliances.
  • Recent trends have moved away from typical white kitchens, and lean towards a more colorful tile layout.
  • The old trend of stainless steel hoods is being phased out for the more stylish pure steel hoods.

“While following trends may feel like fleeting pursuit, when it comes to kitchen design they often outlast their time in the spotlight.”

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