Enclosing your deck can be a great investment. The resulting sunroom will raise your property’s value, and they also require far less maintenance than open-air decks, which must contend with rains, leaves and the elements. An enclosed deck/sunroom lets you create the feeling of being outside while still ensuring that you, your belongings and your furniture are protected from the elements. This makes it perfect for hosting events, especially with the latest screen patterns, which have such high transparency and low visibility that makes you almost forget it’s even there.

Key Takeaways:

  • Building an enclosed deck can increase the value of your home and also decrease deck maintenance costs.
  • An enclosed deck/sunroom can help you enjoy the outdoors while keeping your family and your stuff sheltered from the elements.
  • Modern screening systems can be very transparent and low visibility, to the point that you may almost forget they’re there at all.

“there are several reasons to have your deck enclosed to transform your existing deck to a full screen room or sunroom.”

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