Tile style: indulge in vivid patterns and don’t keep it just in the bathroom

Think that tile is just for bathrooms? Think again! Lately, tile has been all the rage, and has been making it into designs in rooms beyond the basic washroom that you'd expect. Designers and owners are being drawn to tile by its durability and the wide variety of patterns that are available, inspired by cultures all over the world, from Spain to North Africa to the Middle East. Try bringing in some unique and colorful tile patterns to liven up your rooms!

Key Takeaways:

  • Interested in livening up your household decor? Think about tile – it's not just for washrooms.
  • Tile adds a bold, clean look to many rooms throughout the house, and can add color as well.
  • Plus, tile makes it easy to bring in global influences, from Spain to the Middle East.

“Imposing, fully tiled walls have been popularised recently by professionals such as the American interior designer Steven Gambrel, while the resurgence of handmade tiles fits with the current vogue for interiors with some inherent craftsmanship.”

Read more: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/property/interiors/tile-style-indulge-vivid-patterns-dont-keep-just-bathroom/