The essentials for a modern farmhouse design

Interested in a farmhouse home design? Well, fortunately for you, they're in style, and with a few simple tips you can take your design a step beyond the standard, cliched look of a traditional layout. First, focus on the layout and colors – white and neutral colors always work well for this type of decor. Then, look to the details, including the shelving, use of barn doors, and true farmhouse-style sinks to remain in line with the main design theme.

Key Takeaways:

  • Farm houses are the latest trend in architectural design because they offer a minimalist style combined with a timeless aesthetic.
  • Antiques are a great way to design the interior of a farm house, because they offer a classic and authentic aesthetic look that is palatable for the eyes.
  • Using reclaimed wood to build a center beam in the interior of the house, will increase the prominence and visual appeal of the strength and vigor of the home.

“Modern Farmhouse design is one of this year’s hottest trends — and for good reason. The style combines the warmth of a traditional farm home with a streamlined, minimal aesthetic.”

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