A room where the family can come together and gather is always a great idea. Yes, most homes have a living room, or sitting area. But, a sunroom is something else again. A sunroom affords the user the same amount of space available where he or she can on a traditional wood-frame room, but it gives the illusion of more space. A sunroom can do this because it’s made with specially insulated windows instead of walls. So, it feels spacious, literally bringing the sun inside. Hence the name. It’s a way to feel close to nature and get sunlight, without the risk of bugs, damp and sunstroke. Windows used for this purpose are created to be energy efficient. The room is climate-controlled. So, it doesn’t matter if it’s muggy or damp outdoors.

Although the premise remains the same, there are a variety of style options. A vaulted ceiling option is impressive. The elevated roof allows an even more open and spacious feel to permeate the room. A studio style of roof, which is generally sloped, like the eaves of many homes, is a good choice for homeowners that want their addition to feel organic and intentional. A patio style is good for those who have a patio or lanai that is already a part of the house, but they would like to enclose it and make a sunroom of it.

Key Takeaways:

  • The cathedral sunroom style is ideal if you want a lot of natural light and a great view of the outdoors.
  • A studio sunroom can be added easily to most styles of homes and is great if you will be using the room as a home office, library, family room, or dining room.
  • You can enclose an under-utilized outdoor patio or lanai area and transform it into a sunroom that you can enjoy year round.

“A Florida sunroom also commonly referred to as a Florida room, is the perfect solution for many Florida home-owners who may be looking for one of the best alternatives to a traditional stick-built room addition.”

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