When you are trying to decide on which sheen paint to use for your house exterior, you usually have to pick between flat or satin. Flat paint has a non-reflective finish and will feel rough. It’s attractive and does a good job of hiding bumps and gives a contemporary look. It is difficult to clean however. Satin finishes last much longer than flat paints and are easier to clean but that can be uneven if the paint isn’t mixed extremely thoroughly. Ultimately it comes down to personal preference.

Key Takeaways:

  • Flat and glossy paints each have distinctive properties, making them more suitable for specific tasks.
  • Glossy paints can highlight imperfections on building exteriors, and should be used carefully.
  • Flat paints are very hard or impossible to wash, and work better on exteriors. Interiors will smear if washed, and often need repainted.

“Paints with a high level of resins/binders create a high-sheen, shiny surface, while those where the pigment levels are high, create a less reflective surface.”

Read more: https://www.thespruce.com/exterior-paint-satin-or-flat-1821061