How to plan the perfect outdoor kitchen

With the summer months approaching, many homeowners are looking to spice up their patios with some outdoor kitchen decor ideas. If you’re building a new outdoor kitchen setting, or just renovating, be sure to choose functionality over any other aspects. If you do not plan to use a utility on a consistent basis, opt out of putting it on display. Also be sure to build your outdoor kitchen in an area that is free of any underground wires or other hazards.

Key Takeaways:

  • When imagining your outdoor dream kitchen, the first step is to pick just the right spot for aesthetics, safety, and comfort.
  • Ask yourself what you want to do in your outdoor kitchen, including grilling, blending, chilling wine, storing items, etc., before buying appliances and cabinetry.
  • Make sure your outdoor kitchen is open to your dining and lounging areas to allow for socializing with your guests.

“Location is everything when it comes to planning your outdoor kitchen. Not only will placing it in the wrong spot be inconvenient and uncomfortable, but it could also be dangerous.”

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