Adding an addition to your home does not have to be a cut and dry process. There are many forms of additions that you can consider when looking for the right fit for your humble abode. If you’re looking for a simplistic addition, try adding a bump out. A bump out will give you the ability to just add some extra space to one pre-developed room to provide you with a more spacious area. Many people use this for expanding their kitchens.

Key Takeaways:

  • For a sun room addition, one should expect to invest into the project overall.
  • When renovating your garage¬†you’re turning the garage into a general living space, the wiring and number of outlets already in place can usually be extended
  • Bump outs are a new term to describe smaller additions to add space onto an already developed room.

“Additions can cost as much as you want–even matching the cost of the main house itself–when you include a second story, bathrooms, special media rooms, or master suites.”

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