Detached vs. Attached Garages – Pros & Cons | HomeAdvisor

When it comes to homeownership, people that own their own homes or even rent have many things that they need to consider when they decide on a place to settle down into. One of the things that often comes to mind is the size of their garage, as well as whether or not it is attached or detached. Do research to identify which type of garage is most fit for you and your needs when buying a home.

Key Takeaways:

  • If your home features a long, narrow lot it may be the perfect space to incorporate a detached garage.
  • However, an attached garage tends to swallow up less space, which can be important if yard use for kids and pets is of primary concern.
  • Attached models can create bigger safety concerns, although they do protect the user in inclement weather.

“Beyond the practical considerations of your property, also be honest about what your intentions are for building this garage.”

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