Convert an existing deck into a sunroom

If you’ve thought, like many people have, that you want to use your deck all year round, you can. By converting your deck into a sunroom, you can spend time there whenever you’d like. You have to make sure the deck is strong enough, which most aren’t. Most modifications involve additions to your existing deck. For instance, most decks have 8″ piers, but these aren’t strong enough for sunrooms, so you might need more support. You’ll likely need a permit, so check your local laws and consult an engineer for the most reliable and safe work.

Key Takeaways:

  • You can build a glass sunroom to feel like you’re outside though you’re kept safe from all weather conditions.
  • Many decks will need modifications and additions to make sure they’re strong enough and up to code.
  • Safety should be a main priority when building a sunroom over your existing deck.

“By converting a deck to a sunroom, you will be able to use it during the colder winter months, the hot summer months and even on rainy days.”

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