There are several common architectural styles available when you’re building a new home. Victorian homes, with their elaborate designs and craftsmanship, are usually associated with older cities. Log cabin-style homes work best in more remote locations. The subdued but charming Cape Code style of architecture is more typically associated with East Coast states, while Craftsman designs are more common in California and along the rest of the West Coast. Modern architecture tends to be simpler and more energy efficient than the other styles, and are often found in suburbs.

Key Takeaways:

  • If you are living in a city with a rich history, consider building a Victorian style house
  • Cape Cods style is popular along the east coast and offer the builders a cozy charm.
  • Energy efficiency, ecological balance, and sustainable materials are all characteristics of the modern style.

“Planning your home based on the original architectural purposes ensures it holds both form and function on the building lot.”

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