Homeowners have been enjoying sunrooms for years. In fact, sunrooms first showed up in the 17th century. But they grew in popularity much later, once materials like steel and large panes of glass were more available and cost effective.

From the exterior, a properly designed and built sunroom addition should look like any other part of the house, as if it were built when the house was originally constructed. The interior can be designed according to the home owners tastes and needs, from simple to lavish.

Sunrooms are a year round, enjoyable space here in North Carolina with our more moderate tempatures. With modern energy efficient building materials it can be a great way to add some additional space to your home.

Sunrooms most often have hard surfaced floors like wood, tile or concrete, but can be warmed up with the use of area rugs. Other items, like decorative throws, or a space heater can be easily brought in to add additional warmth on those chilly December mornings.

Most important is to make it your own. Work with us here at Douglas Construction to get both the right exterior look and the best interior design for your new home addition.

Please take a look here for some sunroom design tips and ideas.