Sunrooms have been traditionally used during the warmer months due to how their temperatures are naturally regulated by natural sunlight.  Architectural designs now allow you to enjoy your sunroom throughout each season of the year. These four-season sunrooms are insulated in a way that keeps in the warmth, and they are also built with additional security features so that the room is safe to lounge in year-round.

Key Takeaways:

  • These all-season rooms have electric systems set up through your main screen, and always follow the proper building codes.
  • The rooms are typically built with thermal barriers and insulated panels in order to ensure adequate retention of natural warmth.
  • You can control the sunlight that is entering the room through removable screen panels.

“This room is engineered and insulated to be heated and cooled year-round so you and your family can enjoy the room comfortably every day of the year regardless of your climate.”

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