When constructing a new garage, you want to ensure that the finished product compliments the structure of your home so that it doesn’t decrease the value after completion. You will need to first determine whether or not you want an attached garage, or a detached garage. An attached garage is highly convenient, especially in adverse weather conditions, but detached garages give homeowners and contractors many more design options to choose from. Also determine what size garage you want, but keep in mind that it should be able to at least fit two SUV’s at minimum.

Key Takeaways:

  • When imagining what your new garage will look like, first decided if it’s going to be attached or detached from your main home.
  • A garage that includes a mudroom will cut back on the amount of clutter and dirt that gets tracked into your home.
  • If designed properly, adding living space above the garage may be more economical than adding on to your current home.

“A typical garage is not an expensive piece of construction, but too often the drive to keep costs to a minimum results in a finished product that detracts from the visual appeal of the house, not to mention the experience of living in it.”

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