There are several ways you can add onto your house. A few ideas may include adding a second floor, converting a garage into living space, adding a sunroom, adding on to an existing room, or building a tiny house addition to your own. These ideas can potentially save the homeowner from the headache and hassle of moving to a different house. It can also potentially increase the equity of the house. For houses with sentimental value, it can also give you a new house while keeping your old house.

Key Takeaways:

  • Adding a second floor gives homeowners space without taking away from their lawn.
  • Finishing a basement adds square footage to a home easily and increases equity.
  • Adding a sunroom to your house allows you to enjoy the backyard while still remaining inside your house.

“The average garage is overflowing with unnecessary junk. Converting your garage into a livable space will add valuable square footage to your home.”

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