Although they may be rather expensive, acrylic and fiberglass are now on-trend when it comes to shower bases in 2019. Since they are both tile-based, they provide a sense of luxury without requiring a complicated installation process. In older homes, there is a missing layer of waterproofing membrane underneath more shower bases that can cause the subfloor to become damaged overtime. Due to this, more and more homeowners are opting in for sheet membranes of foam bases for an added layer of protection.

Key Takeaways:

  • A shower base, at its simplest, is just a barrier between separating the floor of your shower from the floor of the rest of the bathroom.
  • Tile and stone are popular for their superior aesthetics, but acrylic and fiberglass can be easier to install.
  • Tiled shower floors are versatile enough to use in lots of creative ways, especially with the proliferation of shower membrane technologies to protect against water.

“Installing shower bases is quite easy and more affordable than tile floors”

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