Safety is critical when visiting the construction site of a dream home. While a homeowner may have waited a long time for the home and may be excited, common sense and forethought must still happen. Obeying rules set forth by the foreman and scheduling appointments ahead of time will go along way in visiting the home safely and efficiently. Valuing the foreman’s time and experience will also make things go more smoothly. And, if the are further options for involvement, should a homeowner ask their foreman for insight.

Key Takeaways:

  • Before showing up to see the progress at your new home’s construction site, ask your builder to advise you as to any needed regulations.
  • As an example, it may be a liability for a homeowner to be on site without a construction team member.
  • To ensure safety and workflow efficiency, homeowners should schedule their visits.

“If you are building your dream home, follow these tips for visiting the construction site to ensure you can check in on your house without causing any delays or safety problems.”

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